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Featured Snippets are just THAT...
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Hello Fellow Entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketer,

My name is Tony.

In 2013 and 2014, Google dropped a bombshell that sent my money-making sites plummeting down in rankings.

That is... until I cracked the code to bring my sites ABOVE the #1 position.

And I'm about to share this simple, yet powerful strategy on this page.

So, things were rocking along... the websites I spent time and effort on were doing well. They ranked pretty high, and were bringing in some nice, autopilot income after doing the initial work. Life was great.

Then, a change kind of caught me off guard...

With my stats, I saw some traffic fall (dip) but I didn't think too much of it at that moment since that can sometimes happen.

Then, a few days later, I saw that traffic didn't rebound and go back up - stats stayed low.

I don't want to say I panicked, but...

I had to find out what was going on because I was losing traffic
and MONEY, which really hurt.

I started investigating what was going on...

It took several depressing days to figure it out and it seemed really strange. Google was listing some sites way at the top.

At first, I thought they were paid ads. I thought, "Wow, those people must be paying good money to be featured like that."

But after further investigation, I found out that Google was giving preferential treatment to certain websites - over my websites.

Those websites weren't around more than mine were or anything.

How could this be?

Somehow, those websites were getting MORE space than people were paying for ads. Google just doesn't give things away for free, right?

How were these websites getting up there?

What I finally discovered was those results - above rank #1 were called "Featured Snippets" (first called "Answer Boxes") and they were not paid ads.

Featured Snippets Are:

  • Popular searches that get traffic
  • Content Google knows people are looking for
  • Content that's featured and recommended by Google

I got right to work finding out how to do this myself but it was a mystery...

Why would other sites rank so high and get favored by Google? What are they doing to get there?

There had to be a reason.

I'm not kidding... I worked on solving this mystery for quite a bit. Like an itch you just have to scratch, I had to find the answer.

After much experimentation, trying different things, failing over and over...

I eventually found ideas that WORKED and ones that got me amazing results!

So I focused on them and refined them into 3 simple steps that anybody can follow to create a Featured Snippet, get ranked above position #1, AND bring in more revenue.

No matter which of my websites I applied this to, they started ranking higher...

And they appeared as Featured Snippets. I was so happy. I did this to several of my websites and, BAM! I saw them ranking ABOVE POSITION #1 as Featured Snippets.

The result is...

My websites actually ended up ranking HIGHER than ever before, bringing in more traffic and earnings.

I'm still enjoying high rankings today - here are results from websites I own:

If you use the same methods I do, you also have a chance at becoming a Featured Snippet, getting ongoing free traffic from Google, and bring in more money.

Just know that...

Low Rankings Aren't Your Fault

Only the TOP MARKETERS out there know how to become a Featured Snippet and they've been holding back these secrets, hogging all the traffic while you and I struggle to rank.

They enjoy free traffic all the time and for any website they want, but they won't share this secret strategy.

This isn't fair.

It's time to level the playing field...

Google is Ignoring Your Pages Because You're
Not Following These Three Steps...

You see, you have to give Google what they're looking for.

If you do it exactly like I explain, you have a better chance of being chosen as a Featured Snippet in Google's results ranking ABOVE position #1.

And don't forget, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines also have snippets... this works there, too.

You just need to follow these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Use a specific kind of content
  • Step 2: Write it a certain way
  • Step 3: Format it the right way

If you're ready to finally rank high and enjoy free traffic, then...

Here's How it Works...

There are tons of Featured Snippet searches to rank for. In order to rank as one, you need to learn EXACTLY what to do.

My 3-step system practically FORCES Google to choose your website for that Featured Snippet because it's what they're looking for.

You'll simply add new content to your website...

  • With the exact content I do
  • Written in the way I do
  • Formatted the way I do

And You're ABSOLUTELY NOT Writing a Ton of Content - We're Talking Short Posts

 Then, pretty soon... you can rank above position #1.

Even More...

  • This system works great with WordPress websites but works just fine on other websites - even Wix
  • If there's a website already featured on a result you want, it's possible to take their place with my 3 steps
  • It works in every niche Google has Featured Snippets for


  • You get traffic that's targeted to exactly what people are looking for - and it's FREE
  • Your website has a better chance of also ranking as a voice search result, which is even MORE traffic
  • You'll also find your website in the top 10 results in addition to the Featured Snippet - usually ranked #1

And What's Even Cooler Than Cool...

  • Once other people start seeing your website as a Featured Snippet, they start linking to it when they need a good resource to link to.

    See how I get more and more backlinks:

And more links to your website boost your website's authority even higher, where pretty soon...

It snowballs!

...bringing in even more traffic over time.

Here's traffic to a new page that ranks above #1 as a Featured Snippet:

If you're ready to finally get free traffic from Google then...

Here's How to Get Started...

My System is Called: "Rank Above #1: 3-Step System"

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover in this breakthrough system:

  • How to get an average website ranked above #1 in 3 days (you'll find this ninja strategy on page 10)
  • The sneaky method used to find the best keywords in plain sight (don't miss that on page 13)
  • What way too many marketers are doing completely backwards, wasting their precious time and money
  • How you can get ranked above #1 and also ranked as #1, completely dominating search results
  • Insider strategies not found anywhere that boost traffic and earnings
  • Stop guessing and hoping but give Google EXACTLY what they're looking for so you can start ranking higher, get more traffic, and more revenue
  • And since I always like to get right to it when I buy a course, I've got you covered...

    I'm giving you a 9-page, Quick Start Guide (cheat sheet)

    It's for anyone who wants to get going SUPER FAST.

    Easily refer to it whenever you want to rank a website.


 We're talking about ranking ABOVE position #1 in Google results in just 3 simple steps.


This type of "closed-door" training should cost $497 EASILY,
but hold on...

But I'm not going to charge that much because I'm tired of only the top marketers knowing these valuable secrets. It's time this strategy is shared with the rest of us.

If you hang on, I'll show you how to get this training for FREE, but first...

To help you even more, I'm adding in these exclusive bonuses...

Exciting Bonuses - Just for You...

Bonus #1: 3-Step Video

Some people (like me) learn visually, so watching can really help. This straight-to-the-point video gives you an over the shoulder view of how I use my 3-step system. It's simple enough already but I want to make sure you get it.

In the video, you'll see first-hand how to:

  • See what content I'm using
  • Construct a Featured Snippet the right way
  • Make sure the formatting is correct
  • And other, juicy secrets so you can get your website ranked

Value: $67

Bonus #2: How to Boost Authority and Rankings with Free Backlinks

To give your entire website a boost in rankings, I go over what free backlinks to get since Google still does like to see some backlinks as social proof. You get specific links to help you gain an advantage over your competition and become a Featured Snippet, ranking above position #1.

You will learn:

  • How to get the links you need
  • How to know when it's safe to get these links
  • How to get powerful links for free that look natural
  • How to make sure your domain is set up properly (some people miss doing this)
  • How to use a bulletproof method to get backlinks that won't hurt your rankings
  • Plus, a paid method (not expensive at all) to get ANY website ranking higher in 3 days...
    I can't believe I'm giving this secret strategy away!

You should know that...

Just applying what's in this bonus alone will help your website rank higher.

Value: $47

Bonus #3: How to Rank Sites for Clients and Earn Monthly Income

If you don't have a website or just want to add some extra, recurring income to your checking account, this book explains how to set yourself up as an agency, and charge monthly fees for local businesses who need to rank higher.

Local businesses will easily pay $550/month at a bare minimum to get these high rankings. If you pick up 10 clients, that's $5,500 per month and you'll only work 1-2 hours/mo per website once you get going.

I even include:

  • Sales strategy - to get business owners contacting YOU
  • Sales material - just add your contact info

This book could also easily be a separate product I could sell
on its own but it's INCLUDED in this package.

Value: $197

Here's What You Get...

If you order TODAY, you get the following:

  • Rank Above #1: 3-Step System ($497) Get it for FREE... see below!
  • Bonus #1: 3-Step Video ($67)
  • Bonus #2: How to Boost Authority and Rankings with Free Backlinks ($67)
  • Bonus #3: How to Rank Sites for Clients and Earn Monthly Income ($197)

Total Value: $828.00

Still not sure?

Watch me go through the ENTIRE book... for FREE!

Watch the video for FREE on Rumble
then come back to get the book and ALL the great bonuses!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Because I'm so confident in this training, if you don't immediately feel you got 10 times the value of your small investment, I'll give you your money back within 60 days of your purchase.

Take Advantage of This NOW
and Turn Things Around

What You Do Next Could Determine the Course of Your Business

Either continue struggling to rank high, letting your competition get the better of you


Find out how I rank my websites at the top of Google

I'm confident if you follow my 3-Step System, your website can also rank high. I back it up with a 60-day, money back guarantee.

You have a few choices:

  • Work and toil to try to get ranked on the first page
  • Buy expensive SEO services to try to beat your competition
  • Pay for Google Ads instead of keeping that money yourself

That’s what most people do - throw money at the problem and hope it goes away.

Or, you could do the smart thing and get the secrets of Featured Snippets for a bargain price - and let Google do the hard work for you.

Getting your website selected as a Featured Snippet is finally how to turn things around with the free traffic you need...

When you’re ready to get ranked above #1 - click the buy button below.

You’ll go through our secure checkout to complete your transaction, customize your options, and you’ll receive your login details within the next 10 minutes.

I've done all I can do... it's now up to you.


This price won't last forever.

Questions and Answers, Yo...

- Do you guarantee top rankings?

No, it's up to you to take action on what I present and results may vary since Google and other search engines take many factors into consideration when ranking a web page. If you follow what I teach, you'll have a much better chance of being chosen as a featured snippet or as ranking high.

- Does this work on non-WordPress websites?

Yes, the 3-step system will work on any kind of website. My training favors WordPress websites because they are the most popular but I do explain how to do it if you are not using a WordPress website.

- Do you guarantee any earnings?

No, because your results depend on many factors including you taking action.

- Is this something I can learn on my own without your course?

Yes, but it will take you much more time and effort. I've figured out how to get websites showing as featured snippets and I have packaged the relevant information you need into this book to save you time. I outline the exact steps to use.

- Is this software?

No, it is not software of any kind. It's training, which can be used on any kind of website.

- Are there recurring fees?

No, there are no recurring fees of any kind from me.

- Do I need to have a website to use this course?

You can use this on your or website or I show you how to get clients where you can make money doing this on their websites.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this amazing opportunity.



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